Our mission is to provide funding to children with neurological and/or genetic disorders for vital therapies, allowing them to reach their highest potential. To meet that end, Act4Me offers two types of grants:

Therapy Grant: Act4Me awards grants for speech, occupational, and physical therapy that cover 1 hour or 2 half hours of therapy per week for the duration of one year. Each grant is for up to $3500 paid directly to the service providers. Please note that ABA therapy is not covered under our grant.

Home Therapy Supplies Grant : Apply for financial assistance for Therapy Supplies and special needs’ equipment valued up to $3500. In the past, Act4Me has provided funding for wheelchairs, walkers, standers and speech equipment.

The application is available in English, Spanish, and Creole, and can be downloaded directly from the links to the left.

Grant General Requirements

  1. Child must be under 18 and be living in Miami-Dade or Broward County.
  2. Child must not already be receiving U.S. Governmental assistance such as, Medicaid, or other that covers 100% of therapy needs. If partially covered by another grant, applicant is still welcome to apply.
  3. Child may have medical insurance and still apply for a grant in the case should insurance coverage is insufficient to properly cover the expenses of the child’s therapy.
  4. Child’s medical diagnosis and developmental delay must be a result of a neurological or genetic disorder. Please refer to the list provided by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) or the Genetic Home Reference (GHR). Do not hesitate to contact us should your child’s diagnostic not be listed.
  5. Child’s medical diagnosis and therapy needs must be confirmed in writing from the child’s physician. We also require a letter and latest evaluation from current therapist (when applicable).
  6. Grant request shall be based on verifiable financial need such as, the family’s latest tax return or alternate proof of income. Act4Me does not limit to a specific income cap, each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  7. Therapy grant shall be solely used for child’s therapy.
  8. If therapy grant is awarded it will be paid directly to the service provider and may not be used for any other purposes than therapy for the child.
  9. If grant is awarded for Home Therapy Supplies, supplies cannot be sold or exchanged as they will be on loan and must be returned to Act4Me.
  10. Only one of our two grant options may be awarded per child per year.
  11. After initial review of your child’s application, an interview will be required at Act4Me’s offices with at least one parent and the child.

Please review the eligibility requirements before completing grant application. If eligible, please complete the application for either a Therapy Grant or Home Therapy Supplies Grant. You may contact us if you do not meet some of the requirements above.

Feel free to submit your questions to [email protected]