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Cecilia’s story

On March 30, 1999 our little Angel Cecilia was born, extremely premature, to change the lives of many humans that have helped her be who she is today and who she will become in the future. She had to learn to fight before she even took her first breath; Her battle through multiple sicknesses and never ending surgeries started, and hasn’t stopped since…

At first, she met the requirements for the Early Intervention Program and was able to receive all she needed. When she turned 3 and the program came to an end, our health insurance did not cover Speech Therapy, the most needed for Cecilia. We started to self-pay because we could see the progress she was making but could no longer afford it after a few sessions.

Cecilia’s progress, developmental milestones and possibilities of becoming independent had been hindered by the health insurance industry that does not understand our needs. How do we expect children that are Trainable Mentally Handicap to be able to function, at least partially, without the help of therapy, in today’s complicated world?

Today, Cecilia is 11 years old, with a desire to conquer the world.
Please open your hearts, open your eyes, and help us fight to help these children have the rights they deserve to have a better life tomorrow.

Miriam Santana