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David’s story

Dear Act4Me,

Act4Me assisted us during a time that I was going through a sudden near devastating illness. We wanted to thank you for the support given to us for our son David. Since early in life, he always faced challenges. In elementary, David was slower than his peers and had difficulty learning.

His peers isolated and ridiculed him, as a result. He continued to struggle and became very reserved, experiencing difficulty expressing himself to others. He is humble and loving, never complaining about anything. He always sees the good in others and deserves a chance to learn how to express himself socially, to better his ability developing relationships.

My dream is to spread the word to many individuals that Act4Me is a note worthy cause… because I sincerely believe improving the quality of life for children with incurable diseases through a chance for therapy would make the difference in many lives.
Thank you Act4Me… for making a difference in ours!

Miriam Collada-Myers