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Sebastian’s story

Sebastian is a vibrant, happy 3 years old with Cerebral Palsy. Within the first few weeks after birth, he suffered a grade 4 bleed in both ventricles of the brain that required brain surgery. The medical staff then told us that Sebastian might never speak, walk or be functional. He has proved them wrong in many aspects. Sebastian wants to do everything.

Despite and since his past seven surgeries, he has been taking Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies 3 times a week. He now has a walker that helps him move around, and took over seven months to get approved by our insurance. We have since been fighting payment of injections that could improve the plasticity in his legs, to help him learn how to walk.

Gifts are taken for granted every day, but Sebastian will not allow us to accept this, because every day he has, and everything he does is a gift. He is a fighter that refuses to quit.

Sebastian Estrada’s Mom.