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Andres’ story

Our fourth son Andres had a stroke at 7 months old and lost the whole left side of his brain. He was later diagnosed with West Syndrome, a type of epilepsy. At the time, we felt devastated because doctors told us they were unsure if Andres would ever be able to walk or even talk but told us that, through therapy, we could try to teach the other side of the brain to compensate for the lost one.

From that day on we saw some hope and focused on giving him all we could, 5 hours a day of therapy. Today, we know therapy was the right approach, and although still struggling in his daily life, at 7 years old, Andres can eat, talk, socialize, go to school and run around. Our story is what inspired me to be part of the wonderful mission that act4me has started, because not everyone is able financially to give to their kids what they so truly need.

Let’s give kids with special needs a chance to develop, and make a difference in many lives by having that opportunity to progress. The best satisfaction you can ever have, is seeing a smile on one of these special kids face, always remembering what they would tell us in return:


Martha Poulat, Founder, Act4Me